Beginners Beekeeping Courses

From 2020 the MUBKA beginning beekeeping course will be split into two separate components; theory & practical.

The theory course runs for 4 evenings starting on Thursday March 12th with 4 sessions. The venue for the course will be Hanley Swan Village Hall.

The practical sessions will start after the end of the theory part, usually towards the mid to end of April, depending on the local weather. They are held at the MUBKA apiary at Twyning on Wednesday evenings.


The theory course is an ideal introduction for those who want to start beekeeping or just learn about the subject. For those new to beekeeping and intending to keep bees we would recommend joining the combined course.

You can take either the theory or practical sessions or for a reasonable discount, take the combined course which offers very good value for money and a cost-effective method of entering beekeeping.

At the end of the course, participants may have the opportunity to purchase a nucleus of bees to help start their own colonies & hives (depending on the season and availability).

Click HERE for further information and to apply to join either or both courses

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