Feeding and winter starvation

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It's very cold at the moment, therefore it's good to check if your bees have enough food. Heft the hives and check their weight is sufficient. Remember that the food may not be accessible enough for the bees and they could still starve if food is too far away from the cluster.

Lift the roof and place an open pack of fondant on top of the hive, just above the crown board and over the hole so that the bees can easily reach it. It's important to use fondant as the bees cannot evaporate water from syrup in the colder weather, and it also stresses the bees for the same reason.
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Good advice Heather!
In the Training Apiary we have lost 2 hives over winter so far and a third is very weak. This is not lack of feed, so you also need to be careful about condensation - open mesh floors are great and shouldn't suffer but if you have solid floors, then it could be a problem. I think this accounts for one of our failures.
And sometimes it is just that the cluster is too far from the feed so they either miss it or can't find it. In any event if you do lift a roof be VERY quick - the heat loss at the moment would be huge.
Springs around the corner though!
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