The current Branch Committee


President Cyril Jones  
Chairman John Moseley  
Vice Chair Richard Szabranski me2
Secretary Donna Simcox  
Treasurer Steve Carrott  
Training Coordinator Jennifer Oakley jo
Apiary Manager
Bill O'Dell
Membership Secretary Heather Fooks
Swarm Coordinator John Moseley  
Web Administrator Richard Szabranski me2
Equipment Loans Bob Prosser  
Committee Member Brian Nicholls bn
County representative Geoff Winkworth  
Inventory Nicky Szabranski
Puliicity Jenni Copcutt  
Committee Member Martin Porter  
Committee Member Kim Clarke   


This Committee work tirelessly and voluntarily to organise the Branch for you, the membership. Please support them in their efforts and attend the events they organise for you.

Please also promote the Branch when ever you can and encourage prospective members to join, especially new and young beekeepers as they are the future for beekeeping.

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