Malvern and Upton Branch has several pieces of equipment that are available for loan.  As much of the equipment will be wanted at the same time of the year for everyone, we need to have a process to ensure that all users return the items promptly for the next user. So the equipment will be loaned to members, subject to our Terms and Conditions of Loan. If the items are not returned in the agreed period, or are damaged or returned without being cleaned, then a charge may be payable by the Member, as determined by the Committee. This is to make sure that all members have the same opportunity as all others. In practice it has rarely been a problem for the Branch, but a lot of members are not aware of what is available. So now it is listed here, the process is to make it fair for all.


Item Location Condition
Honey Extractor Manual BN (Brian Nicholls) New 2016
Honey Extractor Manual BO (Bill O'Dell) Good
Honey Extractor Manual AA (Allison Ayling) Good with cracked cowl
Heather Press BN (Brian Nicholls) Good
Warming Cabinet BO (Bill O'Dell) Good, Made by Member
Heated Uncapping Tray BO (Bill O'Dell) Pat Tested Autumn 2021
 Bee Craft Apiary Guides JM (John Moseley)  Good
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