How often do we get caught out - "too few jars when you are extracting" and "goodness it's time to do a varroa treatment. Now where did I put the Apiguard?" We've all been there!

Honey Jars

honey full

1lb round jars gold metal lids           Ctn of 72 jars  £27.00
1lb round jars white plastic lids        Ctn of 72 jars  £24.00

12oz round jars gold metal lids        Ctn of 72 jars  £27.50
12oz hexagon jars gold metal lids   Tray of 33 jars £12.00

8oz round jars white plastic lids      Ctn of 72 jars  £25.00
8oz hexagon jars gold metal lids     Tray of 41 jars £11.00

70R3 gold metal lids for 1lb jars      Pack or 24        £3.00
70mm gold metal lids round 12oz   Pack of 25        £3.00
63mm gold metal lids hex 12oz     Pack of 25         £2.50

30lb white buckets £3.00 each


Supplies apiguard

Essential treatment for varroa
after the honey flow has stopped 
and you have removed all you are extracting.
£2.00 per tray or £19.50 per box of 10

Limited Stocks so please ask now!

Frames and Foundation

Brood and Super for National Hives

Super Frames -         £11.00 for 10
Super Foundation -    £7.00 for 10
Brood Frames -         £11.00 for 10
Brood Foundation -  £10.50 for 10
gimp pins -               £0.50 for 25g
(enough to do 10 frames)
Frame spacer packs £1.25 for 20

Prices change so make contact with Alyson for more details


The Branch hold stocks of these and at favourable prices. So if you need any supplies, you need to contact:

Chris Reynard 01386 751122 for Apiguard ref APIGUARD

Alison Ayling 01684 594013 for frames, foundation, pins, jars and Apiguard ref SHOP

Graham Purcocks  01684 892140 for Honey Jars ref JARS

Once you know what you want, and have checked it is in stock then you need to make a transfer to our Bank
Please remit to HSBC
Malvern & Upton Beekeepers Association
Sort Code: 403109
Acc No: 81246569
Reference: (Your Surname) JARS/APIGUARD/SHOP

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