The Beginners’ Practicals carry on through the summer right through to September, and are an important part of the training course - thought to be one of the best run in the West Midlands. Having hands-on experience before you get your own bees is very important and makes sure you are capable of dealing with the different situations you can find inside a hive.

These classes are mostly held in Twyning at the Branch Training Apiary, and details can be found on the Event Calendar, by logging in to the site.
If you haven't been able to come to the first session, you are welcome to come to the following ones. Please note that these Practical Sessions are for those undertaking the complete (Theory and Practical) Beekeepers’ Course only. If you are a full member and have bees but are not on the course, the Improvers’ Evenings are for you. Again, see the Event Calendar for more info


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