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Malvern and Upton Beekeepers Association - Items for Sale

The Bee Shop offers Quality Clothing at Affordable Prices!

Sizes from Infant to XXXL - Fencing and Round Hat Styles

Colours - White, Olive, Camouflage and Camel

Full White Suit                          £  49.50

Smock                                     £  34.50

Round Hat Veils                        £  20.00

Bee Vests                                 £  22.50

Free Delivery

Michael Duckett (Somerset)

01761 569105
07805 249487


I have been a beekeeper for some ten years and I have found that it has helped greatly with every day life when dealing with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) from my military service.  After ensuring that it was the beekeeping that helped I decided to teach the craft to other ex servicemen with the same problems as me with similar life experiences.


We are now in our third year of becoming a more formalised organisation and I am pleased to say the word is getting out that this craft helps.  As many of the guys that are taught are unable to work and are reliant on the state for day to day living it is hard for them to fund the start of their hobby at their own home.  We are lucky that Cilgwenyn Bee Farm allow us to use their beehives for tuition for a whole year but the farm cannot give away beehives and all the kit that is required to start.  Whilst we would always welcome people to donate or fundraise for us we have thought of a more practical solution.


We have for sale some items on eBay that will help us fundraise to allow the participants to carry on the hobby at their own home.  Everyone on the project are volunteers and give their time for free.  As we would like to give all those that come through us enough kit to carry on the craft at home all the money raised above inevitable eBay, paypal and unit costs will go towards this.  As monies are now involved we will be registering as a charity this year to ensure that everything we do is above board and is regulated by the charities commission ensuring you can support us with confidence.  Last year we thankfully received some help from Cywain that went towards last years administration costs, phones and mailing, but this will not cover the costs of any equipment for the participants.


On eBay we have items such as smokers, hive tools and Apiguard. Would you signpost our products to your new and existing members to help us fundraise?  A link to our eBay page is: .


For more details on the project and what we do can be found on our website . 


I would be most grateful if you could mention our products to your members with the aim of helping the project out.  If you would like to discuss any aspect of this email I can be contacted on 07580 982470.


With thanks,


Richard Jones

Bee Free Project

Cilgwenyn Bee Farm




SA14 8NZ

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