As part of the Worcestershire BKA, we have a County Executive that meets 4 times a year to run the 7 Branches. These meetings mange the operations with the following format:


County Executive Committee

 President, Secretary, Treasurer (elected at the County AGM )

Two named representatives from each of the seven Branches

( usually elected at each Branch AGM)

 Evesham   Hagley  Great Witley   Kidderminster Malvern   North East      Worcester                                               and                                                          and                                                         
                    Stourbridge                                           Upton

This meets four times a year to ensure that various events are in hand and to communicate with branches via their representatives. 

Topics  reviewed at each meeting are;

Correspondence received for information ( these and enquiries from the website are generally e-mailed directly to branch secretaries) 

Correspondence requiring a response

Financial report

Matters raised by branches via their exec member



December meeting

Branch hosting the County AGM gives details of venue and date, possibly also speaker or theme, for inclusion in branch programmes.

Request for branch secretaries to provide a summary of activities and notable branch events for inclusion in the Annual Yearbook. 

Also an updated list of  branch officers is required following the branch AGMs.

Plans for preparation of yearbook.

Plans for Countrytastic – who will do what

Fix the level of any honoraria.

Discussion of the propositions for the BBKA annual delegates meeting.

Feedback from the National Honey show AGM, and members successes.

March meeting

Confirmation of County AGM details

Check whether existing officers are willing to continue.

Check whether trophies have been returned and engraved

Consider any recommendations for honorary life County membership

Arrangements for the Spring Show at Malvern discussed, including honey price, supply of honey, source of observation hive, stewarding, and arrangements for the display.

Plans for the 3-Counties show exhibit

Progress on compilation of the yearbook.

June meeting

Feedback from the County AGM and the Malvern show.

Final confirmation of  3-Counties show and help required.

Appoint a member to represent us at National \Honey show AGM

Appoint a member to represent us at MSWCC AGM

Appoint a member to represent us at BBKA annual delegates meeting.

Forward planning for County Honey show, any amendments to the schedule. Who will prepare and distribute schedules.

Promotion of MSWCC

 September meeting          

Final arrangements for the County honey show,  

including honey price, supply of honey, source of observation hive, stewarding.

(Schedules will have been e-mailed to members)

Paper copies of schedule and entry form available for distribution to those who are not on e-mail.

Determination of the capitation for next year,to be ratified at the AGM.

Consideration of any propositions to be made to the BBKA 

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