Another collection of fascinating items for you today.

Safari    Firstly, pleeease contact me if you would like to attend the Safari on 26 June. Currently we have nowhere near enough members to justify the attendance of the SBI (Seasonal Bee Inspector) and therefore this will be cancelled shortly if numbers don't improve. We also still need a volunteer to host one of the Safari visits - please contact me if you want to know more about what is required for this.

Coloss    Secondly, every year the Coloss Survey monitors bee colony losses and lots of beekeepers participate in the survey, providing interesting info output for us all. Please take the opportunity to particiate in the survey by going to:

MUBKA Website    Just a reminder that you no longer need to login to the website - it is free to access, and in fact if you try to login, it will give you

It's a really good question if you are a new beekeeper, and sometimes a not so easy one to answer if you are experienced!


The trick really is to try to read the hive and establish what is going on, then react accordingly. It could be there are several or many ways to manage the issue for it may not be a problem. But it might. So here's a really handy booklet produced by the Welsh Government on what to do .... It's an easy read with lots of pointers.

Well 10.00am 16th April and the temperature is only 5 degrees so I'm not opening up yet! That was how I began the last blog, this time I'm saying

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